Body By Vi Challenge Day 1 – My Beautiful Garage Gym

Hey guys!

So I shot my first video talking about the Body By Vi Challenge. It is a 90 Day Challenge, so going try to do a video for every day or so of the Challenge (minus Christmas since well, that’s Christmas lol)


Want to Help Children and Look Sexy in the Nude?

Body By Vi is sending nutritional shakes to at risk overweight and obese children across the USA and Canada. Pretty damn cool right? As far as weight loss challenges go, I just think that is super badass and I’m all for it.
So my first goal is to lose 10 lbs, submit my results video, and help out children in dire need of nutrients and health in their life. Can you imagine that impact? For every 10 lbs I lose or gain in lean muscle I am actually HELPING children…. that’s just awesome on too many levels.
Alright enough of that. If you want to learn more about the Challenge and how you can help children while looking sexier, click here.

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