Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge – Day 2 The Doom of the Jump Rope

What’s up ladies and gentleman!

So recap of Day 2 on the Body By Vi Challenge coming towards yah!

Unfortunately, I had my first casualty in my garage gym – my jump rope has perished from too heavy usage! :-(

Despite this sadness, I have trudged on!

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Body By Vi Challenge Day 1 – My Beautiful Garage Gym

Hey guys!

So I shot my first video talking about the Body By Vi Challenge. It is a 90 Day Challenge, so going try to do a video for every day or so of the Challenge (minus Christmas since well, that’s Christmas lol)


Want to Help Children and Look Sexy in the Nude?

Body By Vi is sending nutritional shakes to at risk overweight and obese children across the USA and Canada. Pretty damn cool right? As far as weight loss challenges go, I just think that is super badass and I’m all for it.
So my first goal is to lose 10 lbs, submit my results video, and help out children in dire need of nutrients and health in their life. Can you imagine that impact? For every 10 lbs I lose or gain in lean muscle I am actually HELPING children…. that’s just awesome on too many levels.
Alright enough of that. If you want to learn more about the Challenge and how you can help children while looking sexier, click here.

Fitness Equipment – My Recommendations

When it comes to fitness equipment, there is a ton of stuff to look through.

One of the main points of Body Snaps is to help people who don’t know where to begin by sharing my journey with the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and what I am using personally.

What I Have Done So Far…

At the time of this writing I have converted my garage into a gym. I did this for a few reasons:

  • I hate going to gyms
  • Don’t want a gym membership
  • Can work out literally any time I want without any commute
  • Convenience, convenience, convenience

I am a big believer that if you want to radically change your body for the better than you are going have to show up. If you are not showing up to the gym, if you are not drinking the shakes, if you are not even attempting to do what you planned…

You’re going to fail.

Pretty simple stuff.

That is why I wanted my gym to be IN my home. It just takes away so many excuses I use to use all the time. I use to tell friends the roads are too icy (I live in Alaska) or I would tell myself that, or its too dark out, its too light out blah blah blah.

Excuses. They’ll keep you broke, fat and feeling worthless.


That is why I built the gym. And by “Built” I really mean just put a bunch of fitness equipment into my garage haha.

My Current Fitness Equipment 


This is my exhaustive list of what I currently own and use so far:

1. Leg Press & Bench Press

Addidas weight bench

It is actually a combo between the traditional leg press and the bench press. They’re combined and so it saves a lot of room – which is a BIG thing in a small garage.

I actually have not used this too much just yet (you’ll find out why below) but I am planning on getting barbells for my bench press. I have one right now, but you can’t really change out the weights on the barbell. It has a strange screw that makes it just annoying to change out.

Looking forward to getting a real bar!

You can find a leg press / bench press setup here on Amazon – Addidas Olympic Weight Bench

2. Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G5.9 TreadmillI think the benefits of a treadmill are pretty obvious. They are a staple of any gym. Though I was recently talking with a friend who shared an article about how running might not be the best exercise for us.

Honestly, that kind of flies in the face of a lot of research (doesn’t make his article wrong of course, I don’t have enough certifications in anything to talk whether or not running is truly good or truly bad).

For now as an amateur, I will say that running is likely one of the best things you can do. Right now I am mainly using my treadmill to run for about 10 minutes after I stretch, and then 10 minutes again after I get done with my work out.

This way keeps my blood up and pumping and I hear that is a pretty good thing.

I got my treadmill for free from my father who doesn’t use his anymore, but if you do not have a friend or family member getting rid of gym gear then check out the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill on Amazon

3. Kettlebells (Okay Just One)


I read in The 4 Hour Body (great book by the way that you can pick up here) that KettleVinyled Coat Kettbell Kettle bells Bells are pretty close to the best damn weight loss exercise equipment you can have. So of course, for my first real addition to my garage gym where I spent my actual money on was to get me a set of kettle bells.

Now, I only got one kettle bell so far. A 10 lb demon haha.

But this thing is WRECKING me.

Doing kettle bell squats are destroying my thighs (in a really good way of course). I think this is probably the best investment I made when it comes to my home gym and I highly recommend it.

You can find kettle bells in all kinds of weights. I would recommend starting off a little lower than what you’re used to unless you’re pretty familiar with kettle bell squats already. Doing this kind of exercise is actually pretty difficult (though it starts out looking so easy).

You can get a set of cool blue vinyl coated kettbells from 5-30lbs here. 

These things WILL make you ache – powerful stuff.

4. Jump Rope

Skip RopeI actually need to buy a new jump rope – the one I was using has been totally shredded from use. I would recommend getting a high quality jump rope but don’t break the bank on one, these things can be a dime a dozen and they all accomplish more or less the same thing.

I’ll probably end up buying this jump rope to replace my cheapo one (this jump rope donates a $1 to prostate cancer with every purchase so that’s what decided my buying decision).

It’s called a Skip Rope and apparently there is a 30-day money back guarantee which might be important to you. For me, I don’t care enough to return things of that nature typically haha.

Anyhow, here is the link to the Skip Rope, buy one and help prostate cancer research. 

5. Yoga Mat

I am not sure what the correct term for this item it is – it’s not exactly a yoga mat but probably can be used as one. It is more of an impact absorbing mat. I use it a lot for jumpBlue tumbling mat roping instead of just jumping on the concrete in my garage over and over again. Also it is great for doing push ups, or stretching on before I hop onto the treadmill or get into the meat of my work out.

Once I learn more about meditating, I will likely use this mat for that as well!

Pretty much any mat will do, but this is the kind of mat I got: Blue Tumbling Mat

6. Oster 250-Watt My Blender with Personal Sports Bottle

This thing is badass.

oster personal blender and sports bottleIt is a small time blender which I love because I am all about conserving space in my kitchen (and anywhere in my house). It is another two-in-one’er kind of like the leg press and bench press deal.

It comes with both a blender and the sports bottle. The sports bottle acts as the place where all the mixing happens, since the blades are actually tied into the sports bottle’s lid itself.

For a moment I wasn’t quite sure how to actually blend with this baby, but then realized you just push down on it and it goes full spin.

Apparently you can crush ice with it and do all sorts of awesome fruit smoothies, so far I’ve only used it to make my protein shakes and it has worked really great for me. Definitely check out the Oster My Blender on Amazon (this is the exact model I have).


7. Body By Vi Shakes

Okay, not really fitness equipment but I believe this is important to mention. EspeciallyBody By Vi Shape Kit since my friend challenging me to do the 90 Day Challenge is my main motivation to even starting this blog in the first place – and coincidentally my Youtube channel which will be journaling my progress.

(and my video anxiety ha).

I’ll be writing a far more detailed review on this later and will update this page when I do!

If you want to join me on the Challenge, click here to learn more.

The Fat Slob’s Sojourn to Faster, Stronger, Better

What’s up guys.

Or should I say Google robots, as probably very few people are reading this boromir weight loss adviceblog at this point. I’m pretty much sure 0 people are. (that is until YOU comment!)

I came up with the idea of BodySnaps to be an affiliate site to sell various products for me, since my dream is to be an internet marketer (and a somewhat accomplished fiction writer).

But then this site literally sat here doing nothing forever.

I just wasn’t “into” writing about something I didn’t really do myself.

I know a ton of affiliate marketers out there that sell things they have never used, touched, or in some weird cases… smell.

I don’t like that.

I don’t think it provides very high quality value for the end user, something I’ve always worried about with anything I have ever promoted.

So this site languished with a few half hearted attempts at writing content.

And I Became a Fatter Slob


Is this poop in my gut or just fat out of control? (Gross!)

I have led a lethargic life of reading fiction, business books, and eating incredibly unhealthy stuff. Imbibing chemical cocktail Rockstars and downing entire pizzas in a single gallant sitting while playing video games on my couch.

I am pretty tired of it – now Christmas is here again and I remember this website.

Maybe I can make a new go at it. Do something meaningful on here that will help others help themselves – while also getting rid of my *ahem* considerably poor habits.

My Plan to Kill the Fat Slob and to Rise Out of the Ashes

phoenix of weight loss

Shit is Getting Real.




I know, right?

I’m literally dying here.

Okay. Sorry for the internet catch phrases there.

My plan is pretty simple right now. I recognize many things that are inherent to promoting my bad and unsuccessful lifestyle (this list affects me in tons of areas in my life, not just fitness)

My Bad Joo-Joo Habits:



1. Laziness

I am literally super, duper, duper lazy. I rarely do anything, except for sleeping. I’m in love with sleeping.

2. Daydreamer

The awake version of sleeping.

I find myself doing this all the time. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, having goals and ambitions. But there is something wrong with this when you do it so often you’re never “in the now”

3. Bad Hygiene Habits

I use to smoke cigarettes (which now thanks to the return of my smelling ability, I cannot stand the smell of them), I’m horrible with keeping up showering and brushing my teeth and often even forget to wear deodorant.

Lol I’m a regular slob, and fat to boot!

4. Non-commital 

I’ve never been able to commit to anything in my life – except for dreaming, sleeping and daydreaming.

I mean, I still am a fiction writer too and still write as I always have but rarely finish any of my stories.

This obviously is a clue to my as of late inability to get into shape and something that really needs to change. If I can change this about me, I feel almost every other area in my life will be vastly improved.

Not to mention my personal happiness!

As you can see… there are quite a few bad apples here in my daily life that are limiting me.

So how am I going to end this?

By making losing weight and getting in shape as easy as possible.


My Plan for Hacking My Health…




Alright, so in order for me to help circumvent and defeat my bad habits… I must get a good battle plan going to actually accomplish my goals. So far, I have come up with a few ideas:




1. Home Gym – Screw Memberships! 

I never have liked going to the gym. Especially living in Alaska.

I have to get out of my hermit house, into my rear wheel drive car, brave the winters, to go work out surrounded by people (I’m an introvert) and then do it again to get back home.

Doing this 5-7 days a week isn’t going to happen for me, just the 10 minute commute alone is too much for me haha.

By having a home gym, I’ll have it right there for me to use, plus over time I’ll save money not having to pay a monthly membership fee.

2. Start Cooking More: 

As an again recently single bachelor, I have fallen into the trap of eating shit microwave food.

I’m going learn how to cook some sweet low carb foods for my lifestyle change and hopefully my creations will taste awesome.

Learning to cook is something I’ve always wanted to do.It’ll be hard since I’m lazy, but least it’ll help destroying both that and the non-committal bad habits.

3. Do a 90 Day Challenge

From my experience, 90 days is a magical number.

You do something for 90 days consistently and you are a new person.

I believe we are constantly a reflection of our past selves, and 90 days is a good chunk of time to create a past self we can be more proud of.

So my goal is to do a 90 day fitness challenge (I already got one lined up so don’t get up in a fuss to email me about your great deal)

4. Use shake meal replacements

I think this will be a good thing for me to do, since I am lazy and these shakes will be stupid easy to make.

Each one probably take maybe 2 minutes?

That’s quicker than making my chocolate cocoa cereal. Also, I have tons of friends who’ve had success with this method so I know it works.

5. Video Blog Daily

video weight loss blogI’m going start doing daily videos of my journey, or just my thoughts on health as a whole as I learn more.

I think Vlogging daily would help me achieve two goals at once:

  • Keep me consistent.
  • Help me create a brand online

that I can help accomplish my other goal of being a successful internet marketer who sells things from high value content instead of gross affiliate spam.

6. Hopefully get readers to give me sweet, sweet social validation


I’m a creature in love with other people’s reactions.

So I am hoping that eventually I’ll have more people than just Google robots running around my website seeing if anything is worth ranking for.

If I provide high value content though, I have faith that I will build a readership that will help keep me motivated.

Pretty simple stuff, right?

I certainly think so.

My Personal Fitness Goals

weight loss goals


Right now I don’t have the specificity down – which I will since I believe goals are just dreams without detailed specifics and deadlines – but I can list a few of my “top of mind” goals with both this website and my personal health.

  • Lose 40 Lbs: Right now I weigh in at a whopping 230 at 5’11″. Way too much stuffing in this body.
  • Run a mile in 5 minutes:  Can barely do it within 13-14.
  • Run a marathon: My brother use to do a marathon that involved climbing a mountain. So, suffice to say always wanted to do a marathon. Minus the mountain part – screw mountains!
  • Have way more energy: I want to kick my 10-15 hour sleeping habits and do MORE in my life versus daydreaming my days away. I got way too much shit to accomplish (a successful online business, writing books, traveling etc.)
  • Eventually get a 4-pack: I had this ex girlfriend who told me every boyfriend she dumped gained like a 100 lbs. So this would be funny if I got a 4 pack with some rock hard abs. Haha. Don’t worry, that isn’t my prime motivation, I seriously have always wanted abs versus my beer keg gut.

And that is it!

I hope you enjoyed my first post here. Make sure to like me on facebook to get more updates or even better you can join my newsletter for exclusive content and updates.

I need a good catch phrase for BodySnaps – what should it be?

  • Snap into fitness?
  • Snap into health?
  • Hey stop going to Burger King?

Lol – you decide my Google bot readers.

Till the next post. Remember, you can go on this journey with me by clicking here to get exclusive content.